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MVR  1.000,00

Redmi Fast Charge Power BankDual input ports丨Dual output ports丨74Wh high capacity丨Two-way 18W fast charging

Enough to fully charge 4 phones and have power left*
High capacity of 20,000 mAh; built-in smart USB charging controller*; compatible with most phones and digital devices; enough capacity to fully charge four Mi 9 phones and still have power left.
For peace of mind when you’re on the go.

Two-way 18W fast charging
Fast for both charging and self-chargingThe Redmi Power Bank 20000 mAh 18W Fast Charging has two USB-A output ports, each with a maximum output power of 18W. Also has two input ports, a USB-C and a Micro-USB port, each with a maximum input power of 18W. A smart power bank that ensures more efficient charging and saves you valuable time.

Two types of input ports
It’s better to have a choiceThe Redmi Power Bank 20000 mAh 18W Fast Charging has two input ports, a USB-C and a Micro-USB port, fully covering the types of cables that come original with different Android devices* and ensuring fast self-charging for the power bank itself.

Lithium ion polymer battery
Suitable for charging various devicesThe high-density lithium-ion polymer battery provides lasting and reliable battery life for devices such as phones, tablets and digital cameras, so you can recharge wherever you are — in the office or on the go.

High-quality circuit chips
Added protection and enhanced safetyThe high-precision resistance, inductance, and capacitance components and advanced circuit chips can easily tackle overcharging, over-discharging, overheating, short circuits and other faults, offering reliable protection for both the power bank and devices. Multiple protections and enhanced safety for daily use. Talk about Surge protection.

Supports low current charging
Easy-to-use 2-hour chargingTap the “Check Battery” button twice to switch to two-hour low-current charging mode to charge a Mi Bluetooth Headset or Mi Smart Band*. Suitable for charging low-current devices.

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