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MVR  600,00

Xiaomi Mi 20W Wireless Charging Stand, Vertical Design, New Wireless Charging Experience, 20W max, Universal Fast Charge, Dual coils, Charges Through case, Black

20W wireless super fast charging
Charges Mi 9 Pro to 50% in 35 minutes
Up to 20W wireless super fast charging with the standard adapter for Mi 9 Pro. Charges a Mi 9 Pro to 50% in just 35 minutes*.

Dual coils
Place your phone vertically or horizontally, and continue using it while it’s chargingWith a vertical support and dual coils, you can place your phone vertically or horizontally to charge it. Unlock your phone through facial recognition, go on Weibo, watch a movie in landscape mode, or play games. Keep having fun on your phone while it charges.

Charge vertically
Place your phone vertically and go on Weibo to check out what your friends are up to while your phone’s charging.

Smartly compatible with Apple and Samsung
Charges phones even in their casesCompatible with a wide range of devices supporting wireless charging. Provides not only 20W super fast charging for Mi 9 and Mi 9 Pro, but also 10W fast charging for Samsung S10. Wireless charging with an induction distance of up to 4 mm lets you keep your phone in its case and still enjoy super fast wireless charging*.

Smart foreign object debris (FOD) detectionAdded protection for enhanced safetySmart metal FOD detection prevents keys, coins and other metal objects mistakenly placed on the charger from drawing power and causing the charger to overheat. More protection when charging electronic devices means greater safety for you day in and day out.

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